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The intelligentVA website is crammed full of resources, tools and tips to help you move your business forward at a rapid pace.

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All our contributors are hand picked and all experts in their chosen fields. There are no snake oil salesmen promising you the moon on a stick in your choice of colour.

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We have training resources and articles that help you make sense of the 21st century business environment as well as lifestyle changes and mindsets you need to in order to do well in this unique and challenging career.

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Whatever your skill and experience levels, you need to keep up to date with our tools of the trade section. Pay close attention to this section because we update often with video tutorials and how to guides.

You can meet our team on the “meet us” page and if you have too much work on or just want a well earned holiday, we can be a trusted pair of hands – vital in the virtual world.

You can benchmark yourself against our high standards and maybe even think about joining us.

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"Can I say how impressed I am with iVA and how you have got to grips with providing a good and informative service for VA's. I really enjoy the opportunities to meet, learn and be informed of all the latest developments in technology as well as all the little nooks and crannies you need to know about running a VA business. Am looking forward to seeing the group grow and become a stalwart of the VA industry."
Rachel, Business Owner, ArborVS.